Current STZ-FeLis-Projects

Development of a procedure to use TerraSAR-X satellite data for forest inventories

Project with the company Definiens and ESA

(ESA ITT AO/1. 4842/05/I-EC)

  1. Delineation of forest/non-forest on the base of TerraSAR-X data
  2. Forest type classification by stratification of forest types based in optical data in combination with TerraSAR-X data
  3. Development of stock-of-woods-maps, based on LIDAR data

Project EON Ruhrgas

Analysis of laser scanning test datasets for the generation of forest maps and the deduction of forest parameters for support of damage assessments.

Project of the structure and direction of the administrative decision of South Rhineland-Palatinate, Research Institute for Forest Ecology and Forest Science

Laser scanning analysis for the allocation of forest management data.


GSE Forest Monitoring

Landuse mapping, mapping of forest areas and forest types based on high-resolution satellite data with visual and automated methods.  Model development and demonstration service for the reference user, surface area: ca. 46 000 km².


Mapping of storm areas based on aerial photographs, high-resolution satellite data and SAR-images with visual and automated methods. Method development and demonstration service, surface area: ca. 1 000 km²


Landuse mapping, mapping of forest biotypes, FFH and Natura 2000 areas based on digital aerial photographs, satellite data and laser data with visual and automated methods.   Method development and demonstration service for the reference user, surface area: ca. 2000 km².


Mapping and development of methods for the preparation and analysis of airborne laser scanning data for environmental mapping.  Method development and demonstration services for the reference user. Object-acquisition and distance measuring for planning and documentation in cooperation with the RWE Net AG. Display of 3D-land surfaces and stand coverages in view of  environmental impact studies and damage assessments in cooperation with Ruhrgas AG.


Department of Biodiversity Indicators from Remote Sensing Data; landuse mapping, mapping of forest biotypes, FFH and Natura 2000 areas based on digital air photos and satellite data with visual and automated methods.  Methods development.


Project in the environmental & geoinfomatics sector, preparation of an internet portal about sustainability-relevant information as well as learning programs with the goal of providing support for the strategy of the European Union for sustainable development.


Preparation of an internet-based tourist information system prototype and an adaptation to the demands of  multiple users (National Park Administrations and Tourism Associations)

Virtual Environmental Planning System

Development of a demonstration of a virtual planning system for the region and environment as a step in the direction of alternative methods in planning participation. Through an interactive, three dimensional (3D), realistic visualization, virtual reality, the user should be able to experience and understand complex information about planning projects without any instruction, because the impacts of planned projects for the cityscape and environment will be clearly pictured through this representation.


The project MatchWood aims at an ecologically compatible, profit-oriented advancement of regional forestry-wood value chains with the use of visualization techniques and laser-based data.

Select projects from previous years

from the sector of air photo interpretation and the field of service in the sector of agriculture